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Breaking changes

Jul 3, 2010 at 7:59 AM

1. Removed the dependency on the Antlr3.Runtime.dll. Persisting geometry models in XML instead of a self-defined format. The existing .g3d files can no longer be opened. Here is an example of the new format:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Point Label="A" X="-4" Y="0" Z="-6" />
    <Point Label="B" X="4" Y="0" Z="-3" />
    <Point Label="C" X="4" Y="0" Z="3" />
    <Point Label="D" X="-4" Y="0" Z="3" />
    <Point Label="E" X="-4" Y="2.5" Z="-3" />
    <Point Label="F" X="4" Y="2.5" Z="-3" />
    <Point Label="G" X="4" Y="2.5" Z="3" />
    <Point Label="H" X="-4" Y="2.5" Z="3" />
    <Point Label="M" X="5" Y="5" Z="5" />
    <Line StartPoint="A" EndPoint="B" Color="Black" />
    <Line StartPoint="B" EndPoint="C" Color="Cyan" />
    <Line StartPoint="C" EndPoint="D" Color="Black" />
    <Line StartPoint="D" EndPoint="A" Color="Black" />
    <Line StartPoint="E" EndPoint="F" Color="Black" />
    <Line StartPoint="F" EndPoint="G" Color="Black" />
    <Line StartPoint="G" EndPoint="H" Color="Black" />
    <Line StartPoint="H" EndPoint="E" Color="Black" />
    <Line StartPoint="A" EndPoint="E" Color="Black" />
    <Line StartPoint="B" EndPoint="F" Color="Black" />
    <Line StartPoint="C" EndPoint="G" Color="Black" />
    <Line StartPoint="D" EndPoint="H" Color="Black" />
    <Line StartPoint="A" EndPoint="G" Color="Black" />
  <Planes />